Employee Speak

Here in this section employee of yellow box would share their overall experience with YB during their tenure of employment.

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 Kalpana Mulani, Lead-Recruitment The confidence Yellow box HR Services has shown in its employees and their capabilities is reflected by their given work environment which is very important for an employee to stay around in the organization. Responsibility and Recognition are my growth drivers and I have been given both by the team and the management which forces me to accept more challenges and give my 100% to every moment at work. Yellow box gives equal space to every employee irrespective of their tenure in the organization. It has been the best work place in my entire career.
 Arindam Hira, Manager-Recruitment Working in Yellow Box for the last 3+ years I have enriched myself with diversified skill sets. Yellow Box had started with very modest beginnings 6 years ago and now it in a well known entity in east west & south India. I have witnessed firsthand the growth of this organization & I take pride for this. There’s no doubt for the Employee satisfaction policies of this organization which is revered by every single employee who works here. One aspect of Yellow Box which Is way above the rest in comparison to organization I’ve worked with earlier is that the management is always open to suggestions, which makes all employees a part of the decision making authority. This aspect leads us employees to feel more belonged to the organization. 

 Imran Khan, Assistant Manager-Recruitment I got the privilege to move my first step into the industry of Human Resources through the door of Yellow Box more than 3 years ago. It’s been an endless learning experience since then. I am glad to be part of this organization which is equipped with young talents and always promotes learning, healthy self driven atmosphere and welcomes out of box thinking. 

 Abhishek Mandhane, Manager-Recruitment Pleasure in my job puts perfection in my work. Working at Yellow Box has been a pleasurable experience throughout. I could not have asked for a better work place and a better organization in order to satisfy my professional quest. The daily work pressure and challenges, just seem to melt away with great mentors, colleagues and an excellent work culture that the organization offers, boosting every individual to give their best at all times. One can perfectly strike a balance between work and fun with the exciting recreational activities. The overall experience of being at Yellow Box is enriching and completely satisfying. I feel proud to be a part of such a wonderful organization and look forward to continued growth with Yellow Box. 

 Radhika Ringe, Lead-Recruitment It has been a journey of 18th months at Yellowbox where everyday has been a value added experience from the responsibilities conferred on me. As an individual it has given me the confidence to perform better in my career. The exposure to different HR practices has given me an opportunity to understand the needs of both my Clients as well as the Candidates; I am very proud that I work for this company and have been able to contribute to its success. I am thankful for all the challenges Yellowbox opened for me, to learn and succeed both professionally and personally. 
 Argha Sarkar, Lead-Recruitment The journey started from 5th of February 2010 and to sum it up, it has been an excellent, fulfilling, challenging, and sometimes full of frustration, anger and moments of joy. This journey has provided me all the opportunities for my professional growth. I would like to acknowledge every opportunity and all the support from the organization that has inspired me to discover myself and reach where I am today.  

 Mehek Fatima, Lead-Recruitment I started my wonderful journey with Yellow Box in January, 11. Yellow box has been a enormous platform for me to learn and grow as an individual in terms of my career and personality development. Ramesh, my boss, is an excellent motivator and has helped me to enhance my skills and capabilities. Yellow Box has strengthened my belief that “smart work leads to success”.
 Samina Wahhab, Lead-Recruitment I have been associated with Yellowbox HR Services since 2011 and since then I’ve had opportunities I don’t think I would have had anywhere else. The  journey so far has given me exposure to discover my area of expertise and confidence to explore higher levels of achievement. I really enjoy my work in recruitment, the vibe, the culture & working with excellent resources keeps me motivated. The work is always interesting, challenging, and fun.I am proud being a part of YB family. 

 Madhumita Das, Lead-Recruitment I have been working here since June 2010, and since then I have seen this organization growing bigger and bigger. Yellowbox has provided me the platform to perform, learn and grow and I feel lucky to be provided with a culture that speaks of freedom, respect, friendly environment, inspiration to innovate, and motivation to excel and improvise. Each of us here believes in Team Work to achieve excellence in work. This is a great place to work, and I am proud to be a part of this organization.
 Aurna Kar, Senior Executive-Recruitment “Yellow”-The color depicts service. Yellowbox means a “box full of service”. 

It’s been an amazing experience to be associated with this organization for more than 2 years which includes a complete Growth Curve. Extremely satisfactory work atmosphere, super supportive seniors and extra ordinary colleagues make this organization a unique one. This is a place where performance is appreciated always!! I am genuinely confident that we all will make this organization shine even brighter than the brightest Star!

 Shirshendu Bhattacharyya, Lead-Recruitment Yellowbox offers an open and flexible work place with great corporate values. My seniors are very knowledgeable, transparent and approachable and have always mentored me in the right direction. My potential has been duly recognised and I have always been made to feel at home and at ease, with the regular feedback which has helped me in self development. I have been able to advance my career within the company because of the support and guidance I’ve received and the performance driven growth culture. 

 Ameet Chaubey, Lead-Recruitment Looking back at my career graph I feel I am blessed to work in an organization like Yellow box. It’s been a learning experience every day. The best thing about the organization is not only we have learned people; we also have people who are supportive and encouraging.
 Santosh Kumar, Senior Executive-Recruitment I started my journey in YELLOW BOX, as a fresher in the year January 2012. I gain tremendous experience and progress in work, which I had never expected, I am grateful to all your support given end to end, and you were a strong pillar to me all throughout my work. It’s been a real pleasure working with you, I would continue with an even better progress, keeping the name high, and zeal in my heart.